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July 26, 1993 (age 25)


Haworth, New Jersey, USA


Acapella, pop, dance pop


Actress, vocalist, singer-songwriter

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American (of Irish and Italian descent)

Elizabeth Egan Gillies (born July 26th, 1993), often known as "Liz", is an American actress, singer-songwriter and dancer. She is best known for her role as Lucy in the musical 13 and Jade West in the Nickelodeon sictom Victorious. In 13, she was described as "strong-voiced" and "[as the] rather too convincing as the precocious mean girl" by reporter Elysa Gardner. [1]. Dan Kois of New York Magazine described her as a "mini-diva" in 13.[2]. In a separate interview, Liz said that she is "really goofy" and that she "makes up characters" who she might pretend to be while conversing with someone. She also remarked that she is "very weird". Co-actress and best friend Ariana Joan Grande-Butera[3][4] also noted that Liz loves photography and is always taking photographs of herself and everyone on the set.


Liz was born in Haworth, New Jersey (NJ) and her family resides there. She participated in local community theater productions, church choir, and took voice lessons at her school.


2007-end of 2008

Elizabeth started her career by appearing in commercials for bubblegum and cellphones. She got roles in The Black Donnellys and Locker 514 which really jump-started her career. She was cast in The Clique and Harold as a supporting character in both. In summer 2008, she was cast as Lucy in a Goodspeed production of Jason Robert Brown's new musical about growing up, 13. Later that year, 13 moved to Broadway, which made it the first Broadway production to have an all teen cast. She receives the two big numbers "Opportunity" and "It Can't Be True" along with smaller parts in other songs, such as the title song, "Hey Kendra" and "Getting Ready".


On January 4, 2009, 13 closed down on Broadway. Liz starred in Nickelodeon's Victorious, in which she plays Jade West, the antagonist to Victoria Justice's character, Tori Vega. Victorious unfortunately ended abruptly in its Fourth Season.

It has been confirmed by both her (via Twitter) and the network that she has just finished filming an upcoming episode of White Collar where she plays a teenage private school student whose father is suspected of embezzlement.

Elizabeth is also featured in Deleasa's music video for "Time In A Day"; her character is the vocalist's girlfriend.

She will appear on "The Exes" episode "Prelude to a Kiss".[5] She'll also appear as the character "Mandy" in a new Thriller movie "Animal".[6] Recently, stated that Liz starred in a reading of Jawbreaker: The Musical from September 26 through 27 2013.[7]

It is stated that Liz will reprise her role as Jade West in one episode in th the poorly constructed spin-off Sam and Cat.[8]In the episode "The Killer Tuna Jump", her character Jade becomes best friends with Sam Puckett.

Liz recently acted in two films, Animal and Killing Daddy.[9][10]

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  • Full name: Elizabeth Egan Gilles
  • Birthdate: July 26th, 1993
  • Eye color: Blue-Green
  • Star sign: Leo
  • Suspected height: 5'7 or 170 cm
  • Suspected weight: 55 kg
  • Suspected cup size: 36D or DD[11][12][13],32D (questionable source)[14] 34B (unlikely)[15],


  • Her favorite color is turquoise (formerly light green).
  • She was born in Haworth, New Jersey.
  • She has a younger brother (3 years younger than herself) George Gillies. He was born in 1996.
  • She is a vegan, but not by choice, as she is allergic to most foods (including bread and kiwi) and that is why she doesn't eat animal products. She is also allergic to gluten. She has "a vegan/gluten free english muffin with bananas & agave every morning" and she could not eat the food prepared by her Italian Great and Grandmother.[16][17]
  • She played the role of Lucy in the Broadway musical 13 along with Ariana Grande who played Charlotte,a young cheerleader. They thus are best friends.[18]
  • She loves The Beatles.
  • When asked to Victoria Justice, Liz's cast mate, she (Victoria) says that Liz, when flirting is very "sultry" and "flirty".
  • Her Victorious cast mates have nicknamed her: Liz McGiz (Victoria Justice) and LizMcGills (Avan Jogia).
  • Played the role of Lucy in the Broadway musical 13 along with Ariana Grande.
  • Her height is about 5'7 (1.70 m)
  • Liz's cup size has been the joke in at least two Victorious episodes. In A Christmas Tori, she said she went from A to D in eighth grade. In Wanko's Warehouse, both she and Daniella Monet jumped back when Cat Valentine/Grande asked who is the flattest.
  • Although Gillies mostly works in Los Angeles, she still lives in Haworth.
  • Liz says that her dream role would be to play Alice Ripley's character Diana in Next To Normal.
  • She said in an interview that she likes playing Jade because she is constantly changing, saying "I could never play a monotonous mean girl" and "I would just die if I had to play a one dimensional...mean girl."
  • She says on formspring that if she could live in any time period, it would be the 70's.
  • Her favorite dessert is her grandmother's apple pie.
  • She says that her brother is her best friend.
  • She said in an interview that a celebrity she would love to be caught kissing is Johnny Depp.
  • She says she'd like to have two or three kids someday.
  • Her worst fear is getting stuck in an elevator.
  • She's double-jointed.
  • She has never drank a cup of coffee (on set, the prop department dyes water brown and has her drink that for her scenes as Jade drinking coffee).
  • She loves llamas.
  • She is the only one of the main cast who has ever been to a school prom.
  • When she was younger, she auditioned for America's Got Talent but was rejected.
  • She is afraid of wasps.
  • Her favorite character from Rent is Angel.
  • Her dad owns a band.
  • She can play piano/keyboard.
  • Liz currently does the voice of Daphne on Nickelodeon's Winx Club.
  • Liz wore green all day for Earth Day in 2011.
  • It's been clear that Liz is not very afraid of the "Hurricane Sandy". As she posted on Twitter: "Chill out #Sandy you're making a scene!"
  • On said Liz she had a very dry, sarcastic & most of the time bizarre sense of humor.
  • She had braces behind her teeth. Liz confirmed that on her account.


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See [[1]].


  • Bubblicious
  • Iz by Zizzle
  • Wassup
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Verizon FIOS
  • Gardasil
  • Huntington Learning Centers
  • Ginger Fox
  • Freri d'ortographe

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