Jade recording the song

Okay is a song sung by Liz in her role as Jade in the Victorious episode,"Jade Gets Crushed". It is a song by written and originally sung by Backhouse Mike. Liz sings only part of the song in the episode, where Jade pretends to record vocals for Andre Harris' music project.

Here is the part of the song sung by Liz/Jade:

There is no upper hand

I'm giving you mine

It doesn't have to end up wasting your time

There's things that I could say

But hear it my way

I want to let you know that it's all okay

In the episode "Tori Goes Platinum", Liz as Jade sings part of this song again for the Platinum Awards audition.

Here is the part of the song sung by Liz/Jade:

Shelter my eyes from the sun

And wait for the birds to fly by

Trying to -

She got cut off after "Trying to..."

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